What is the difference between Enerskin sleeves and other compression sleeves?

Enerskin created the first high-tech compression silicone-taping hybrid with U.S. patented technology.

Typical compression sleeves serve as a thin layer of protection that stabilizes muscle vibrations. Enerskin, on the other hand, maximizes the benefits of compression wear by utilizing elastic, therapeutic taping to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and joints for superior performance. Our products reduce the risk of common sports-related injuries.

Who should use Enerskin compression wraps and gear?

There isn’t one universal Enerskin experience. Here are some (but not all) of the people Enerskin can help:

  • Athletes seeking a performance boost. If you want to run farther, lift harder, and last longer, Enerskin gets you there.
  • Athletes who require muscle, joint, or ligament support. If you’re afraid of hurting your knee, elbow, or back again, Enerskin provides the confidence and support you need.
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation: If you’re dealing with orthopedic injuries, Enerskin can help aid the recovery process. Research has shown that Enerskin can help you recover faster, stronger, and smarter.
  • Professionals who work on their feet: Whether you’re a construction worker, painter, or department store manager, Enerskin provides relief and support for weary muscles and joints.

Is Enerskin reversible? Can I wear it silicone side out?

Yes, Enerskin products can be worn reversibly. However, wearing the product silicone side out can reduce performance enhancement by 30% to 40%. It’s up to you, depending on the level of compression strength you desire.

How many hours a day can I wear the product?

We recommend using the sleeve 6-10 hours a day, depending on the type of activity and its intensity. For users with sensitive skin, we recommend applying 100% Aloe Vera gel before using Enerskin sleeves. We do not recommend wearing Enerskin sleeves while sleeping.

I participate mostly in endurance (cycling, marathon, triathlon, etc) sports. How can I get the most out of enerskin?

We recommend Enerskin sleeves (tights, calves, knees), which have been proven to produce superior results during endurance activities. Here are a couple tips:

  • Wear Enerskin sleeves with the silicone side on your skin to increase performance.
  • During post-workout routines, try wearing Enerskin in reverse (silicone side out) for an additional 2-3 hours. This will help speed up muscle recovery.

Can I wear Enerskin underwater?

We recommend it. The fabric ENERFLEX®, used in Enerskin compression sleeves, is optimal for water sports. ENERFLEX® is almost 10x more durable against sweat and seawater than other compression gear fabric.

Water actually helps our silicone taping stick to your body. Wakeboarders and other water sport aficionados have praised Enerskin for its effectiveness underwater.

My physical therapist/athletic trainer wants to apply elastic therapeutic tape. Can I wear Enerskin over elastic therapeutic tape?

Yes, you can use Enerskin in conjunction with other therapeutic tape. Make sure that the two products do not pinch or create unnecessary friction against your skin.

Should I apply lotion before wearing Enerskin?

We recommend applying 100% ALOE VERA GEL before wearing Enerskin. It isn’t necessary, but friction on dry skin can lead to rashes or blisters. Our Enerskin silicone tends to absorb water and lotion.

I had knee surgery. Can I wear Enerskin products?

You should consult your doctor or physical therapist before using Enerskin. As long as the incision site has healed, Enerskin can enhance your rehabilitation and its outcome.

The knee sleeve seems too long for my leg. Can I cut the sleeve?

If the sleeve is too long for your leg, we recommend cutting the sleeve top.

My Enerskin product will not stay in place. How can I prevent product slippage?

Our medical consultant Dr. Nara Yoon has a few tips on how to prevent product slippage. Here are two quick fixes:

  • Moisturize your skin to allow the silicone to stick more easily.
  • Make sure you are not wrinkling the top seam of the product when you put it on.

Is there a tutorial on how to wear the product?

Yes, we created one video for each of our products. They’re posted on our YouTube channel. Subscribe if you’d like to see videos, upcoming tutorials, and other Enerskin-related videos.

Product Care Info

Will Enerskin compression wrap and clothing lose elasticity over time?

All compression garments (such as swimsuits, elastic clothing, underwear, etc.) stretch over time and lose some of their elasticity. However, with our unique fabric ENERFLEX®, Enerskin has a much longer lifespan and is 5-10x more durable than competing compression gear.

Can Enerskin products be machine-washed ?

No. To preserve the integrity of Enerskin silicone and ENERFLEX® fabric, we recommend hand-washing our products. Use lukewarm water and scrub the fabric gently. Once washed, products should air dry in the shade silicone side out.

We do NOT recommend using soap or detergent when washing our products.

Can I apply ice or heat while wearing the product?

Yes. You can apply ice/heat while wearing Enerskin. Enerskin is made up of silicone and ENERFLEX® fabric, which are both very durable in heat (up to 130-180° Fahrenheit) and extreme cold. Because there are no adhesives in Enerskin products, the likelihood of heat or cold-related deformation is very low.

Is there any research available on Enerskin’s products?

Absolutely. The Journal of Korean Society of Physical Therapy (JKSPT) published a study on Enerskin titled The Effect of Silicone Sleeve and Taping on Balance and Strength in Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) Reconstruction Patients" (JKSPT June, 2014 issue).

There are numerous independent studies on the performance of Enerskin products for both professional and amateur athletes. Enerskin is tested in public health and rehabilitation research centers and by professional physical therapists throughout the world.

Other FAQ

Can you use Enerskin products while pregnant?

Consult your doctor or specialist physician before using Enerskin during pregnancy.

Does Enerskin have a retail store?

At the moment, Enerskin does not have any retail stores.

How long does it take for me to get Enerskin once I order it online?

We try to ship all orders within one business day of order processing. Delivery date depends on your geographical location. We also offer 1-day express mail delivery in the United States.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day hassle-free return policy for all Enerskin products.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, let us know via email at cs@enerskin.com or by initiating a return.
We will get started on the return or exchange process right away.

Unfortunately, customer-damaged products are non-refundable.

Sample Sale & Outlet items

All sample sale items are not returnable.