Darren Sproles NFL RB

Enerskin is approved by Darren Sproles

“As an athlete, taking care of my body is the top priority. Wearing Enerskin gives me the confidence and ability to push my body harder, knowing that the combination of compression and taping supports my joints and muscles from fatigue, preventing injuries and optimizing my performance.”


Increase your core strength with next-gen compression technology.



Defend your body with advanced shock absorbing hybrid GASTEX® and silicon material.


Recover from your injuries faster with patented therapeutic silicone taping.

Marques Colston - NFL WR

“Enerskin’s combination of compression and taping gives me the confidence to challenge my

body on the field and in the gym, while protecting my muscles and joints from new

injuries and taking my performance to new heights.”

"Enerskin allows me to perform at the highest level on and off the field."

“As a veteran athlete working on my tenth season in the NFL, preventing injuries and  maintaining my athletic ability are very important.”

Wayne Barrett


Professional Middleweight Kickboxer, Glory World Series


"I got a chance to try out the Enerskin sleeves, shorts, and short sleeve shirt. I didn’t know much about the product, or if it would work or not. The first day of wearing the product, I sparred with the sleeves on. I immediately noticed an improvement in the snap of my punches. The shorts and top helped me with lower back pain that I suffered from a car accident, I felt a big difference while lifting weights, especially in my dead-lift. I saw again a gain in my explosive movements. On my off days, I would wear the products inside out for recovery, and I still felt the benefits in my lower back. I recommend this product to all athletes that need to recover from an injury or see improved performance. I stand behind the Enerskin product and what it does for all who use it."   USES: Elbow and Knee sleeves

Chris Schapman

Obstacle Course Runner, Reebok Spartan Race & Team RelentlessOCR (@Schapness)


"I had been looking for compression shorts for my training runs and for racing endurance obstacle races, but I wasn’t sold on the options available. Then I found Enerskin’s Short Tights. They looked amazing and offered more features than those other options. The silicone taping sold me, because I knew that integrated taping would provide the support that I wasn’t finding with other compression shorts and needed on my longer training runs. So I bought a pair.

I ran a race with 22 obstacles—not including the thick, slick mud covering the off-road park’s course. I managed to finish 3rd in the elite wave. The shorts held up to the obstacles and tough conditions. No cuts. No rips. Nothing. The shorts are ready to go for the next run or race. My hamstrings were sore from running an additional run after the race (without the Enerskin shorts) and Sunday’s workout. However, the Enerskin shorts gave my hamstrings the support they needed and the soreness was gone. A successful workout thanks to Enerskin! I’m excited to have found a pair of compression shorts that can stand up to obstacle racing and my training."   

USES: Shorts

Jarrett Arthur

Top ranked female Krav Maga black belt instructors, Self-Defense and Safety Expert, and Founder of M.A.M.A. Self-Defense.

"Everything I do, everything I take, everything I wear is all about milking the most out of my performance. Enerskin is an extremely valuable addition to the family. Not only does it provide the right amount of comfortable compression, but it gives me the support of Kinesio tape without the time, hassle, and room for user error in applying it. Enerskin slips on quickly and easily and stays put throughout my most intense workouts, increasing my ability to push harder and longer. Enerskin is a no-brainer for athletes, from the weekend warriors to the pros. It’s my new favorite training staple and I’ll be recommending Enerskin to all of my clients as well."  

USES: Elbow and Knee sleeves

Aaron Petty

Professional Wake Boarder

"After three knee surgeries in three consecutive years and some 24 months of injury time i for one need anything i can to increase my potential on the water. A few months ago i was introduced to Enerskin, a compression sleeve that would change my riding for the better. After wearing these things for a couple of days i noticed i could ollie normally again and i could move my leg around without annoying delay, this has really been boosting my confidence to try bigger and better things that id never thought i’d be doing on a wakeboard. I would definitely recommend the gear to anyone looking for a bit of an extra kick and improvement in their daily ride." 

Dwayne Moore Jr.

Certified personal trainer and fitness coach at UFC gym.


I feel that Enerskin provides a feeling of oneness with my body and/or muscle group(s) being trained. I think this may be the increased circulation that Enerskin speaks of. 

While training, my muscles feel like they are being kept warm. However, in between sets, i feel like i cool down very quickly due to the ventilation technology that the gear provides. (This may good because it could be used a reminder to keep moving) Injuries seem to be "healed" or forgotten while wearing. 

While performing deadlifts and tire flips my left knee which is my "bad" knee felt stabilized and supported by the knee sleeve. While performing back exercises during my weight training session, the compression tank top felt as if someone was giving me gentle sport massage.

One thing I noticed is that  5 hours after my training I still had the top on and really didn't want take it off.... When I finally took it off, my chest muscles didn't feel as sore from a training session that I did without Enerskin." 

Yves Maco

Is an AFAA certified Group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Kickboxing & Multi-groove teacher, and co-founder of MC Dance and Fitness.


"CAREER CHANGING!! After 15 years of teaching high-intensity, physically demanding fitness and dance classes, my knees gradually began to feel the daily wear and tear of my profession. The pain became so excruciating, I was contemplating sacrificing my career and passion for my health. After trying knee brace after knee brace, amongst many other highly recommended solutions, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Enerskin. Enerskin proved to be the ultimate GAME CHANGER. The light weight, yet secure fabric, gives my leg the support needed to function and carry out my vigorous daily workload. I HIGHLY recommend this product, not only to fitness professionals and athletes but anyone that is experiencing muscle and joint pain and searching, as I was, for relief." 

USES: Elbow and Knee sleeves