COL (RET) George Harris, US Army

Wow, what a difference these products have made in my running. I am now running virtually pain free in my knees and running faster (like almost a minute per mile) than I had been running

The compression shorts really make your hips feel aligned. Both my chiropractor and massage therapist told me my issue with my knees comes from my hips. The compression shorts are correcting the issues with my hips and of course indirectly helping the knees and ITB. 

 Both my chiropractor and massage therapist now are recommending Enerskin products to their running clients based on my positive experience. I thought my real fast running days may be behind me now I feel confident I can continue to run with speed for many years to come. Thanks Enerskin for a fantastic product.

Veejay Jones, pro obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete

Enerskin compression garments have been awesome. I can feel the quality and performance. When it comes to racing and training, the compression shorts have been huge for me. They’ve been the only shorts I’ve raced in this year, and they’re my go-to training shorts. The compression is nice, regulating blood flow and providing muscle support.The compression grade is my favorite aspect about it. The level of compression reduces extra muscle oscillation while I run. In my harder runs, the level of compression from Enerskin compression shorts reduced the amount of burning I felt in my quads.